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This kid is an avid gamer and actually offered to give someone all of his video games if he doesn’t make it. If anyone wants to help out by tossing his family a couple bucks you’d be helping him greatly.

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [1/3] favourite characters 
↳ Luigi



no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed



also people should keep in mind that sometimes when an artist says “doodle" what they mean is "stress-free art”. that doesn’t necessarily mean that the “doodle” they made is something that they didn’t work hard at or didn’t spend a long time on. some people get really out of control when they see impressive works and the artist write “just a doodle” and they think, this is it, this is the end, im no longer going to be an artist, how can i possibly compare myself.

sometimes “just a doodle” means “not working on commissions or something work-based”, so don’t fret yourselves. plus not everyone who posts art plans on a bunch of people seeing it. you don’t really expect your stupid poorly written artist caption to be seen by a lot of people via reblogs,


Guest comic by Jones! Check out their tumblr!


Guest comic by Jones! Check out their tumblr!

Extra Credits is hosting the Humble Weekly Bundle



The Humble Weekly Bundle: Presented by Extra Credits runs for one week and will dismiss the class on Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

If I were to do some Five Nights At Freddy’s fan art would you wanna see something creepy or cute?

I just found out Five Nights At Freddy’s has a wikia. It has some tips on how the animatronics act in the game. Also Chica is actually a chicken and not a duck. Although I like calling em Ducky anyway. Just seems funnier to me.